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Our current State Rep, Kathy Crawford, has a track record of tax and spend to the detriment of citizens and businesses.  

Our infrastructure/roadways are in desperate need of repair. 80% of voters, voted overwhelmingly to defeat the gas tax to repair the infrastructure/roads.  Kathy did NOT listen. Voters want politicians in Lansing to stop wasting taxpayer dollars and come up with solutions, and yes, to make better choices.  We don’t need more taxes, we need better stewards and budgeting of tax dollars, creative solutions, and to put a stop to our tax dollars being wasted or given to special interest groups.  

As you look over Kathy’s voting record, you will see her rhetoric doesn’t square with her voting record. We deserve a stronger leader and better steward of our tax dollars.  


HB4400 - to INCREASE the license fees on livestock dealers, truckers, brokers and agents, as a condition of earning a living in this profession and to revise various details in the licensure-related regulations.  Technically, this and related bills extend the sunset on previously “temporary” fee increases.  

HB4399 - to INCREASE the fees imposed on limited liability corporations annual statements of resident agents. Technically, this and related bills extend the sunset on previously enacted “temporary” fee increases.

HB 4451 - to INCREASE license fees imposed on manufacturers and distributors of commercial animal feed, revise inspection procedures and make other changes to this regulatory regime.

HB4447 - to INCREASE license fees for hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other health care facilities.  Also to extend a “Michigan Medicaid Quality Assurance Assessment” (MMQAA) tax on nursing homes for another 4 years which is a bed tax used to “game” the federal medicaid matching funds formula to generate more federal money for Michigan’s medical welfare programs.

HB4444 - to INCREASE the annual license fee for a psychiatric hospitals from $300 to $500 plus $10.00 per bed and eliminate the $5,000.00 cap on those fees.

HB4078 - to SPEND 24 Million for state land acquisitions and recreation.


SB53 - Kathy voted IN FAVOR to PROHIBIT LICENSED GUN CARRYING CITIZENS who have received their permit to carry and passed the training and background checks, from carrying a pistol in a school, daycare facility, sport stadium or arena, bars, bar/restaurant, places of worship, college dorm, classroom, hospital, casino, large entertainment facilities and courts.  This bill was a revision of the gun free zone to exempt retired federal law enforcement officers who carried a firearm during their employment.  

Voted in Favor of HB4616 - to INCREASE the current 15 cents per gallon motor carrier fuel tax imposed on  interstate truckers to 19 cents per gallon, and revise it to conform with the extension of this tax to natural gas and other “alternative fuels” burned by interstate trucks.  Passed by a 56-50 vote.

Voted YES on HB4054 - Impose new licensure conditions on mobile home parks; require state “Manufactured Housing Commission” to notify local governments of any complaints from residents, impose a performance bond mandate on owners deemed “in distress” for health and safety reasons; authorizing placing a court-ordered lien on a park if conditions threaten residents’ health and safety; increase fines from $10,000 to $50,000; and more.

Voted Yes on SB12 to allow a retired state employee to simultaneously collect pension benefits and a paycheck for work performed as an Attorney General consultant or expert witness.

Voted in FAVOR of HB4736 to INCREASE annual vehicle registration (license plate) tax by $100.00 per vehicle, and earmark the revenue to paying down some $2 Billion in debt incurred by the two previous administrations (Granholm & Engler) for road repairs.  Passed 55 - 51

Kathy’s website,,  does not list any of her votes or any bill numbers or any way to independently verify her voting record but then again, Kathy voted AGAINST GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY (HB4814).

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