Paid for by Dan Lauffer for State Rep  1488 Dover Hill N Walled Lake, MI 48390


Serving Novi, Novi Township, Northville, South Lyon, Lyon Township & Walled Lake



On Jul 11, 2016 9:18 AM
 Life has granted me the privilege of knowing pastor Lauffer for over 30 years during this time he has demonstrated the carrying capacity and dedication of a sincere attentive Man of God as husband to his first and only wife and his two sons. Let it be known historically from the inception of his ministry one of the key elements has always been an active voice in the community seeking to correct the wrongs with positive enthusiastic programs. Any community would be blessed to have this servant of God in their midst. I would place my John Hancock on that any where any time or any day.

Dr. Frederick Cole, Dr. of Jurisprudence; Mdiv         

I am honored to have received the support and testimonials from my friends, colleagues, family and supporters.  Here are just a few that folks have sent me.  

I have had the pleasure of knowing pastor Dan and his wife Chris since 1995.  Dan is the kind of man who stands up for his beliefs, follows through on what he says, and truly cares for other people.  I believe Dan would be a great asset and a breath of fresh air in the political scene.  

Jeff Washburn 7/01/2016

"I have known Pastor Dan Lauffer as a grass roots Conservative activist for several years. I proudly endorse him as the candidate to choose during this August primary election over Kathy Crawford. I have seen Dan work hard for local Conservative causes and know him to be true to his word. Watching how Kathy Crawford works as the current representative reminds me of another Hillary Clinton. Pastor Dan Lauffer is someone I know will represent his local voters and not at the bequest of lobbyists and various elites in the Republican Party. Time to get a grass roots Conservative elected in the District - so I ask that you please vote for him this coming August primary.

Myron Zolkewsky

Executive Committee Member

Oakland Country Republican Party

Anybody who follows politics today knows how nasty and filthy that business can be. This is why it is so wonderfully refreshing to see Dan Lauffer running for the State legislature in the 38th district.

I have known Dan for quite a number of years and I have always found him to be an honorable and trustworthy man. Devoutly unshakable in his faith, Dan exhibits integrity and honesty in all his actions and relationships. He is a stalwart person who will always do the right thing.

 Look no further than Dan Lauffer for somebody who will represent you in Lansing rather than bow in obsequience to lobbyists and special interests.

Valerie Rosengren